The heart behind the BinkyBro brand is family. Our founders, Matt and Rachel, tried for years to have children. Eventually, they were able to go through the IVF process successfully and their first son was born.

After working so hard to get him here, Matt and Rachel had to find the right name for their little dude. They chose to name him Jordy-James after Jordy Smith, a pro surfer they followed and admired (and Matt's all-time favorite).

From the beginning of expanding their family, surfing culture was at the center of what Matt and Rachel were building. When they tried to find clothing and gear for baby Jordy that fit their vibe and lifestyle, they couldn’t find what they were looking for . . . so they created a brand themselves.

BinkyBro was born out of trying to find clothes and gear that fit their family. They wanted to embody SURF, SNOW, SKATE into their family by dressing Jordy (and their three other kids who followed) so they could GO BIG and BE EPIC.

Here’s where it comes full circle.

Five years after Jordy-James and BinkyBro were born, Jordy-James’s namesake, Jordy Smith, welcomed a new addition of his own—baby Zig was born to Jordy and Lyndall Smith in 2020. And now Zig wears BinkyBro.

Matt and Rachel had a dream to have kids, to create a brand that fit their lifestyle that others could share, and to see Jordy’s and Lyndall’s son wearing BinkyBro is a dream come true. What’s more epic than that?

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February 13, 2023 — Matthew Fisler