Whether you were a skatepark punk back in the day or not, skater style has influenced fashion since the 90s. You’ve probably riffed on it in your favorite Chuck Taylor All-Stars or Vans—and so can your kids.

Skater-inspired toddler and baby shoes make great kicks for kids because of generally flat soles and a variety of widths depending on the shoe. What’s key in a kid’s shoe is that they’re durable and easy to put on. Thankfully, many shoe companies make versions of your favorite shoes for adults in kid sizes that use elastic or velcro.

son with a helmet and binkybro stickers and father with binkybro beanie sitting on steps

Converse has a whole page on their website dedicated to Easy-On styles. From velcro to slip-ons, they’ve got ‘em all. For sneakers, there is nothing that dresses up or down better than a pair of classic black All Stars, and they’re gender neutral so they work for little guys or gals. That’s a homerun for parents and kids.

baby wearing a binkybro snapback next to skateboard

Vans are a forever-cool look that parents and kids love. The elastic slip-on style is great for elementary-aged kids who can put their own shoes on but still struggle with laces. The velcro closure is perfect for smaller kids who still need help getting their piggies into shoes. These work especially well for small kids with wider feet.

baby wearing vans and backpack and a binkybro beanie

Converse and Vans do fun brand collabs and are always releasing new patterns and colorways that will get even the most stubborn dudes and dudettes to try a new pair of shoes. And even better—you can subtly match your little without screaming it from the rooftops (or your Instagram story).

baby crouching next to skateboard in a binkybro beanie

Adidas has also gotten into the toddler skateboarding shoe game. They blend an on-brand athletic vibe with a throwback, relaxed skater aesthetic. Their skateboarding shoes for kids all use two velcro straps. Whether you go with a character print or a subtle solid in black or ballet pink, your family will be ready to hit the skatepark . . . or just the park park.

Don’t forget to pair any skater-inspired shoe with crew-length skater-inspired toddler socks from BinkyBro. This three-pack in adorable (ahem, I mean, ~sick~) black-and-white checkers will complete a classic, relaxed look. The three-pack in Currant is a rusty pink that will add a softer touch for your BinkyBro or BinkyBabe. The three-pack in Indigo is a blue tone-on-tone for a classic back-to-school feel.

stack of binkybro socks

Complete a head-to-toe mini-skater look with a toddler beanie for Fall’s cooling temps. BinkyBro has a lineup of vintage-looking tees that pair perfectly with a pair of skater shoes. I mean, what’s more scene than this faded black Locals Only t-shirt for kids from six months to six years?

baby sitting facing away wearing binkybro snapback and t-shirt

If your kiddo has grown up a size or two since summer began, don’t overcomplicate the search for shoes that he or she will love and so will you. Think ease and comfort. Thankfully, skater-inspired shoes have this balance figured out.

When getting your littles ready for school, the park, or the skatepark, leaning into a skater-inspired shoe will let them play to their feet’s content, and look good while doing it.

helmet on ledge with binkybro sticker
October 03, 2022 — Matthew Fisler