All parents make sacrifices. You would lay down life and limb for your kids, but maybe Kidzbop or “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” on repeat is where you draw the line--but what if...


In an age of being able to stream almost any song, you can create your own kid-friendly playlist that will keep you and your kids happy. Many (or even most!) songs, artists, and genres may not be *for kids* but they can still be clean, family-friendly bops.

Want to create or add to your own carpool playlist? Here’s some ideas suggested by genre. Rock on, mom and dad. 🤘

Rap & Hip Hop


  • Our Last Night is a post-hardcore rock band known for their metal-ish covers of popular songs. They even have an album of Disney covers called “Disney Goes Heavy.”

  • Imagine Dragons is the uber-popular alternative pop rock band with hits like “Believer” and “Radioactive.” Most of their songs come without that little E tag for explicit.
  • A lot of rock from The Beatles to Weezer to some of your favorite Warped Tour emo and punk rock bands can be kid-friendly. For example, Yellowcard’s newer albums are great for the whole family. (Not just Ocean Avenue!)

Acoustic & Reggae

  • Acoustic music is a perfect go-to for when you need something chill for you and the kids. Jack Johnson has contributed to children’s movies soundtracks over the years and his own catalog has tons of kid-friendly jams.

  • Reggae is another genre that is prime listening for the whole family. Bring the chaos down a notch (or ten) and throw on Bob Marley to get everyone in a good mood.

Dance, Electronic & Pop

  • Bring the club to your nightly family dance party and turn on your favorite electronic and dance beats. DJ Kaskade offers clean versions of almost every song.

  • Carly Rae Jepson, Robyn, Daft Punk, and M83 are some of our gen’s favorite dance and pop artists with songs that stand the test of time (without having to yell EARMUFFS! at your kids).
  • For current pop hits that are clean, look for radio edits of almost any song. Harry’s House can be on in your house too!

Want more suggestions of family-friendly content for the car? Check out our blog with ideas of podcasts and audiobooks to listen to with your kids.
February 28, 2023 — Matthew Fisler